Right now everyone can easily see the news circulating all around the social media, in which all national and international news sources are exclusively talking about the insult of Nawaz Sharif by his Royal Saudi friends and about the approbation being given to General Raheel Sharif on the same podium. By this news one can simply spectacle the veneration earned by President Nawaz sharif and Ex-chief of staff General Raheel Sharif, during their time of service. In the ongoing Arab-Islamic-American summit both Raheel sharif and Nawaz Sharif were bidden on the humble request of King Salman AL-Saud. Where Nawaz Sharif spent virtually two-three hours in preparing his speech. He was amicable toward the sensation that his Saudi friends won’t contradict him from delivering his speech. However, his beloved Saudi Royal family friends denied him from the chance of performing his exquisite speech. While social media is going crazy over this news, people are trying to vex Maryam Nawaz on twitter, by asking silly questions like, “app kai PAPA ko speech kuo nhi karnai di.” “App kai Papa ki speech kab release ho gi.” Etc. But sadly, there is no reply from Maryam Nawaz on this news. She neither denied nor accepted the practicality of this insanely mingling news.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during an Arab Summit

This wasn’t the only thing which made millions of Pakistani infuriated. There was another speech which made many millions of Pakistani rigid in term of their dignity. During this summit the Saudi King and the American President Donald Trump, both gave influential speeches against the so called horrors of the Islamic terror. They praised the contribution of Arab forces fighting against the Islamic terror but sadly, “Pakistan” wasn’t mentioned even single time during their fervent speech. This news might have become repulsive for millions of Pakistani people. However, shockingly there is another news which has made millions of Pakistanis gratified.

           The picture of General Raheel Sharif during Arab-American Summit.

This scantling news is about our highly appreciated protagonist, “General Raheel Sharif.” It is basically in form of a picture. Where General Raheel Sharif can be seen relishing the company of deputy crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman Al-Saud and next to him is President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. According to many news sources this pictures is just a glimpse of respect earned by General Raheel Sharif worldwide, especially amongst Muslim leaders. People are using this picture on social media, to mock PML-N supporters. While, there is no precise news avowing that why Saudi Royal family, disrespected Nawaz Sharif.

General Raheel Sharif getting praised by a common Pakistani

While, General Raheel Sharif has become the essence of prefect exemplar amongst all the leaders of the Muslim world. No matter which part of the world he visits, he is respected by everyone. It is the elevation of his dignity that, he was inaugurated as the leader of Islamic military alliance. Even countries like Iran, who mostly opposed Pakistani military strategies during the time of General Raheel Sharif services, accepted him as a leader for the alliance. Iranian President also titled General Raheel Sharif as a leader that can revolutionize the fate of Islamic military alliance and can end the ceaseless pity grievances among Muslim countries.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan (Left) & Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India (Right)

On the other hand, the remnants of time had been totally different for Nawaz Sharif, in empathies of achieving respect and achieving the categorical goals during his term of service as a Prime minister. If we talk about the respect he earned, then panama case scandal and the utmost famous chants of “Go Nawaz Go” are the attributes which evidently depict his respected image. On the other hand his achievements as a Prime Minister are mostly sly, loathing and grumbling. During his three terms as a Prime minister he could never resolve the dispute of Kashmir, while he claimed to reconcile his relation with India. From Well-being crisis to electricity crisis, Nawaz Sharif has botched to accomplish all his promises that he made during his campaigns of election.  All these elements of Nawaz Sharif as a leader are illustrations that why Saudi might have disrespected him in Arab-Islamic-American summit.

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