“Phupo k betay ki 95% ai hai or aik tum ho k.” Never Enough.


Sometimes when you are just thinking about life and you are scrolling down your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites you see people achieving so much.

You notice how everyone around you is accomplished in some way while you are just sitting there like a potato.

And that’s when the inadequacy sets in.

Even your friends are out there making a name out of themselves while you are bounded by various things.

You try so hard to shine out but you are just unable to and that makes you realize how you can never be enough.

I as an individual have this complex on a very high scale.

While i can be confident in my own skin and be happy as i am even then this feeling of inadequacy does set in.

As a child we all have taken life as a race, a competition, and now that all has just become brutal at another level.

There is always somebody else who is better than you and you just sometimes can’t help but compare.

You do compare because that’s just what happens in our society.

That’s what our own parents have been doing.

“Phupo k betay ki 95% ai hai or aik tum ho k.”

At one point in our life we all have heard this or something relatable.

And that my friends get settled in our personalities and we are forced to be envious and not feel worthy enough.

Self worth is very important part in building oneself and when such a crucial part is damaged than the result is not as perfect as we want.

Though yes we all are trying our best to somehow make our name in the society and be known for any kind of achievement.

We are unable to. We fail to do that. And then a feeling of being a failure sets in.

Our lives nowadays have become so negative that only a very few of us are free from them.

While many of us continue to suffer through them all day, everyday.

To prevent and ward off all these negative thoughts and feelings.

One should know that he/she is enough.

They are doing good and they will be better.

Not everybody is an early bloomer. Some people take time.

You are a star in your own life story because without you what is your story then?



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