News Anchor Gets Hitched! You’ll Be Astonished To See How People Reacted



This is basically the reaction we all get when we hear that one of our friends got hitched.

Or even a celebrity we were secretly rooting for, despite knowing the fact how out of league that person is.

Well this time this reaction was seen because one of the anchors got married.

And not just any News anchor.

The lady who got hitched is Geo’s beautiful and gorgeous news anchor Rabia Anum.

The lucky lady got hitched over the Eid weekend.

Happiness into 2?

Well for her it seems like it.

Rabia Anum was a former anchor of Ary News.

But during the past few years she switched to Geo News and has been a news anchor there.

The said anchor made the announcement of her engagement on twitter.

She posted a picture for her fans which obviously spread like a wildfire.

*Heart shattering in the background*

Now comes the big question.

Who is the lucky guy?

The lucky guy is known as Obaid.

Who is currently settled in Dubai and employed by the Emirates Airline.

And well that’s basically all we know.

Therefore while you all stay shocked and heartbroken yet happy over this announcement we’ll sharpen our stalking skills and will try to find more about the said Fiance.

Despite all the shocked reactions and heart breaks the said couple was showered with blessings and MashaaAllahs.

Yet there were a few who gave attention worthy reactions on twitter.

And here they are.

Seems like some people are still trying their luck.

And trying luck continues.

Oh yes for this guy don’t change your name.

This guy moved on quick.

Somebody please wake him up.

Dramatic much?

The situation pretty much seems like when Mominah Mustehsan got engaged.

But oh well this is Pakistani awaam for you.

We wish Rabia Anum and her fiance a very good luck and lots of blessings for their future.

And look forward for their wedding.

*Imagines Rabia Anum in a bridal dress .. Damn!*

Once again

MashaaAllah and Congratulations on the engagement.



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