News Channel Koh e Nor Hired First Transgender Anchor & This Has Made The History


When it comes to the opportunities, only two genders are served, while the third community is always left untreated. Nobody has concern about their value, their presence because people claim it to be shameful having such community in our society. We have heard about many bad incidents happened with transgender when some of them once were not allowed to have lunch at a specific restaurant tho they had money & the only filthy reason was, “Their Gender”. Sickening!

But mindsets have been started changing, Pakistani Government finally supported this group for the first time when they issued it’s first passport with Trans category.



Another big step has been taken by News Channel of Pakistan Koh-e-Noor which hired a transgender new anchor for the first time in the history of Pakistan. Maavia Malik is the first trans news caster of Pakistan.


Shiraz Hassan (@ShirazHassan) Tweeted:
#Pakistan first transgender news caster on screen now – Maavia Malik


In the beginning of this month, the committee accepted a pitch list to make certain the third gender’s defense against sexual and bodily assaults and harassment. The Criminal principle (Amendment) (Protection of constitutional rights of Transgender Persons) appear in 2017 criminalised a congregation of offences against transgender people.

And that’s how people reacted.

And look some people still couldn’t shut their mouths but criticize and discourage.

While a bit humour was also seen.

Bravo! We feel proud that Pakistan is equally treating all the genders. Kudos to the Government.

while shame on them who are making fun and discouraging this great move.
Get a life you haters.

Congratulations Maavia Malik!

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