My shame has brought me to write this today.

I am ashamed of being a human if being a human means making fun of a girl who unintentionally used an unsuitable sentence in her conversation.

I am ashamed of being a literature student if that means humiliating an innocent girl on the Internet for making a mistake in a language she doesn’t own.

I am ashamed of being a fun loving person if bombarding a college girl with mortifying comments and seeking warmth from the ashes of her self respect is defined as “fun”.

I am ashamed of being a part of my savage world where the so-called civilization can only be achieved through perfection. I used to think civilization meant acceptance of differences.

I am ashamed of breathing the same air as the people who abase others by circulating these things as memes, who confuse the boundaries between entertainment and inhumanity.

Where’s our empathy?
Where are our moral values?
Where’s our humanity?
Why do we enjoy associating people’s faces, and their obesity with the concept of being ugly?

why do we not understand the pain behind a mother’s refusal of the polio vaccination? Why do we enjoy her misery by associating her with a Coca-Cola ad?

Why do we not feel anything…? WHY?
For a second, touch the part of you that connects your soul with your body, touch your heart. Ask it when it became an atheist in humanity, and why is it embracing sadism…

To the Lahori girl in Murree,
Hey, I am sorry for being so inhuman. I am sorry. I am ashamed of myself for all that you have been through. Know that just like you, this world scares me too. I am horrified of what I might have to face for being not perfect enough, pretty enough, witty enough.
I’m sorry.
I once read this book by Markus Zusak called “The Book Thief”; in the book, death itself says the most horrifying thing ever: “I am haunted by humans”.
So are you, little girl. and so am I.

To all the people out there, I believed in the goodness of humanity. I believed in the peace this world has to offer. And so does your little daughter and your little son. Please don’t blur our ideas of a cooperative world, a world that can accept our imperfections.
Choose peace for everyone.
No more shaming, no more bullying, no more suicides.
No more suicides.

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