No Words Can Define Mother


My mother’s love is one of the brightest  stars which has no bars.

Her love is more valuable to me than the silver in stars.

There are no words to thank her for the  millions of things she has done for me for so many years so far

I can never repay her because she has been through many fields of wars.

Even if I reach on Jupiter or Mars or become a superstar or have a Ruby car

I will always be indebted to my mother for she will be only one who’s love and tears would follow me even if I am hanged  on highest river

Or drowned in deepest sea as for no one can hear me like she hears

Her love makes me whole it is something  I never have to yearn or return

My mother is a special part cherished in my heart

She is my pearl, my soul, my mate

She is the only one who makes my life great

She is always there on my every beck and call for hours and hours

There’s no one as devoted as my mother

She is there on my every comfort and despair

Her lovely nature is to only care without fare

I am nothing without my mother’s  care I swear

My world is more beautiful and blessed  when she is just there which is beyond compare

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I am story teller since I was a little girl, I used to surprise and scare my friends, family members and lots of kids with my silly stories. As a youngster I gave them a totally different perspective about difference situations. I never knew till I grew up and started writing short stories that I felt I cannot say in person I had this passion in me to write and send a message across. I feel nothing ever dies you can bring everything very much alive no feelings or person can die here nobody will reject you here and you are free to send your stories and take revenge in print. I love to write what people are unable to say and sometimes you have to risk making a fool out of yourself and it does gives me strength to do all things I am afraid of. A word after a word after a word is power only a writer knows.