An Open Letter to Maryam Nawaz By Qaum ki Beti


Since Maryam Nawaz has been to JIT to give answers to questions like where did the qaum ka paisa go…

And when she was going to be investigated by JIT,she was given protocol and security like she is a Princess like she had done some notable work and brought fame and pride to Pakistan!

It has raised questions on the how she was given the protocol when she was there to give answers for their money laundering and the accounts…

She was given full proof security and even residents of Islamabad had to face the hours long trouble when the roads of Islamabad were blocked ONLY to give security to the ‘QUOM KI BETI’ who was called by JIT for investigation.

Here is an open letter by Maria Imran, the real QUOM KI BETI:


So here I go.. QAUM KI BAHADUR BETI MARYAM! Let me clearly ask, if you are the strong warrior of our country while you are married, mother of young kids, daughter of a strong person and roam around among a team of 2000 guards; then who am I? A single, unmarried girl, daughter of not so stronger father, driving alone on the road and trying to reach home against your team of 2000 battalions with just One and the Greatest of all Guards: Allah(SWT).
Ain’t the media and your puppets a bit guilty of calling YOU ‘bahadur’??
I am the daughter of this nation and I love my country, my motherland, more than you atleast. And I want democracy. Not clearly with Imran Khan, but atleast someone far more educated than you and your family and far more LITERATE. Jinhein BAHADUR MARYAM k ilawa qaum ki aur betiyan bhi nazar aein. We don’t need any publicity or puppets. We want a good Muslim system and security for each one of us.
#Gomaryamgo #votefordemocracy
Qaum ki ordinary beti, Maria.



Is that how you treat the person who was there to give the answers about where quom ka paisa went? Do you treat her like princess? To only make people whose paisa has been laundered suffer even more at the hands of those who have power?

Each and every shehri deserves this kind of security and protocol whose paise paise has been laundered.

Its time to restructure  the policies and amend the rules and pass the bills in the cause and benefit of People of Pakistan!

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