An open letter to my past self.


Dear past me,
I know that you are struggling right now, drowning in the pressure that the world is shoving on your shoulders. I understand how sometimes it’s hard to even stand on your own feet because the burden is too much. That there are days when nothing even makes sense any more and the tiredness has absorbed you so much that you just want to throw it all away and just give up. Well, my advice to you is that don’t.

I know you might not be impeccable and perfect but just hold on to that alacrity and liveliness that is getting lost inside of you slowly. Because the thing is actually very simple. Nothing lasts forever. Not even this pain and pressure you are feeling right now. Just like everything else and the whole world itself, nothing is for eternity. Everything comes and then it passes. Similarly, the frustration, pain, hopelessness and sadness you are feeling will pass too. That’s a promise.
I know you have considered giving up so many times. But you see, life has a funny way of playing with us. Every action we take, every move we make is slowly leading up to where we are supposed to be. We just don’t realize it. If you give up now, you won’t be able to see what future holds for you. You definitely won’t be able to experience the love that you’re going to receive in future, which I guarantee you there will be.
So keep trying. Try tomorrow. Then the next day, and then the one after it. Continue trying to make it through again and again, until life gets tired of playing with you. Because you have so much to see yet, and it’s all so beautiful. The future.

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