The Orange Line Metro Train Just Completed It’s First Trial Run And The Internet Was Exploding With Savageness!


The much awaited Orange Line Metro Train had it’s first trial yesterday near it’s depot in Lahore. This is the Pakistan’s first metro line train. The orange line metro train will have 26 stations. Anarkali and Central stations will be underground, while the remaining 24 will be elevated. Orange Line trains will be composed of five wagons manufactured by China’s Norinco. The Orange Line’s tracks will meet China’s national standards.


Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, the advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab, has announced that four more sets of train have reached Lahore.


The multi-billion rupee project has a 12 km long distance, covering places between Dera Gujran and Lakshmi Chowk. According to the government officials the project will be completed by next week.


The Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, tweeted about the first successful trial of the metro train.

His tweet was followed by some excellent responses and it was total savage.

One of the best part among the responses was a debate which was on Why the Train is red..guess they can’t see the orange line.

People were coming up with alot of hilarious nicknames for Punjab’s Chief Minister.

Funny jokes also took part of the tweets

Don’t know what to do, laugh or cry at this reaction!

People were Sarcastic AF.

That’s gonna be something out of it. People were just correcting Shehbaz Sharif’s Grammar.

Successful trial of Lahore orange line metro

Lahore’s residents will be breathing a sigh of relief as the long-delayed project is finally being completed. Many residents have complained that the project was choking off major business points in the city such as Lakshmi Chowk and the areas around the G.P.O. but now it’s time to take a ride in orange line train, and enjoy!!!

That’s all. What do you guys think about this Orange line Metro train? Tell us your opinions in the comments section.



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