Ordinary Failure


“we gather upon each other’s place to have merciful smiles spread along, but there is always a freedom we chit chat about while we fail to figure out the boundaries to which we are bound”

Life is a box full of mysteries. But why is life a “box”?
Ever wondered that the freedom we search for or the freedom we wait for, why is it?
Why are we never satisfied with the air we breathe in never satisfied completely with our achievements?
To us there is a simple word “liberal” but why do we still exist among our own build boundaries although we promote being optimistic.
To an extent, we have fought for all possible rights we wanted to achieve. We elected our leaders and we brought into a decision we thought it would be our best to a new beginning. Yet why is it that our minds and our hearts keep running to a new pace asking for a better freedom?

What is it that freedom really means to us?

Ever thought about the personal mind set we all have built?
The mindset that keeps dragging us behind our dreams making us believe in the nightmares that aren’t true and have no power. The mindset that doesn’t allow an individual speak for his/her self. The mindset that doesn’t allow an individual to be what he/she wants rather what the society wants. The mindset that has kept our dreams captive in cages that have been built by us. Not a new dilemma or a miserable speech. It’s just the meaning of a simple word we always fail to understand. Being liberal, optimistic, moderate, passive has become a little more important than being an ordinary human, being just YOU. For in this run of extra ordinary we have missed the essence of ordinary and have missed the real elect of what freedom means.

“We fail to understand that the freedom or the ease that we look for is not hidden in the words we speak, or the phrases we teach, rather it’s in the thoughts and behaviors we preach.”

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