We Owe Alot To Martyred Major Ishaq And His Courageous Wife Dr. Ayesha

Martyred Major Ishaq

The martyred Major Ishaq embraced the honour of martyrdom on Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017 in a crossfire with terrorists in Dera Ismail (DI) Khan.

The martyred Major Ishaq left a wife and one-year-old son behind. Major Ishaq was martyred when security forces were conducting an operation in a terrorists hideout in Kulachi, an area of DI Khan.

Martyred Major Ishaq

The courageous wife of Shaheed Major Ishaq, Dr. Ayesha, must be going through a pain no one can imagine. She must be worried about her one-year-old son who is yet not aware that where his father has gone and that he would never be able to see him.

The only 28-year-old Major Ishaq was at this young age part of Pakistan Forces and didn’t hesitate to serve even his life for this land. Being married and having a child, he must had his own life plans but who knew that he would left this world this sooner.

We owe alot to Martyred Major Ishaq and his wife, Dr. Ayesha as one left this world for our safety and one has to lose the most important part of her life for our security.

Dr. Ayesha would never have imagined that her husband will depart so early. The departure of loved one is so painful that no one can imagine it even but Dr. Ayesha has gone through it all actually.

Martyred Major Ishaq
Dr. Ayesha at the funeral of Shaheed Major Ishaq
Martyred Major Ishaq
Dr. Ayesha at the funeral of Shaheed Major Ishaq

It breaks our heart every single time when we look at the pictures of Dr. Ayesha from the funeral of Shaheed Major Ishaq. How she is looking at her husband’s dead body, oh! It hurts.

How tough it would be for her to hear the news that Major Ishaq just died in an operation. How painful it would be for her to realize that her partner is no more.

The kind of bravery one needs to fight for your nation and then sacrifice your life for it is something only our soldiers can have.

The ccourageous approach that allows you to be able to lose your husband, son, father or brother for your country is something only the families of our army officers can have.

We know that how in past terrorists have damaged our country; both civilians and army persons have sacrificed their lives in war against terrorists.

Our army officials have made lots of efforts to reduce and end the blasts and attacks that were happening in the country and for this purpose, many operations took place.

Major Ishaq also sacrificed his life in an operation and fought well against the terrorists despite knowing that crossfire will take place.

Martyred Major Ishaq
Martyred Major Ishaq

We become short of words when presenting tribute to such brave people. Writing some words in an article is nothing to honour these sons of soil.

But we can try to pay them back by following their footsteps and respecting and honouring their families. There are many jawans like Martyred Major Ishaq and many wives like Dr. Ayesha who had to suffer and sacrifice their lives for us.

Despite the worries, pain and struggles, people like Dr. Ayesha manage to get up and follow the ideology of their martyred heroes.

We salute the courage and bravery of Martyred Major Ishaq and Dr. Ayesha and can never pay them back but atleast we can try.

– Rest in peace, Shaheed Major Ishaq.

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