Pakistan needs us more than ever!


Tell me did this picture melt your hearts? It has melted mine, though. For all those who are on the payroll of I don’t know who, literally blaming Pak army for everything that has ever gone bad in Pakistan, just want to tell them Pakistan needs us more than ever. Ignoring all the mistakes that civil leadership ever made.

I am an ordinary sincere citizen of Pakistan. I love my country and respect all the institutions. We have been in a state of war since 2001 and I believe it’s because of a single bad decision was taken by someone and now we all have to pay.

You don’t know what is going on inside a heart of a soldier. What does he want? Most of the people are blaming the army for all the terrorist activities and disappearances but they usually forget that the same army is shielding them from terrorist by sacrificing their lives. It’s easy to say anything we want while staying at home and doing our regular jobs but it takes a lot of courage to leave your family go on border face the most dangerous terrorists and give your life for this country.

I know that we have been facing extreme terrorism for so many years but we have to stand by the army at every cost because only they can fight against it and I am sure they are doing everything possible to eradicate and eliminate it, we have no other option.

People are being punished in the form of bomb blast and killings for standing by the army. Clearly, our enemy is trying to give us a message or warning that if you stand by your own institutions and if you continue to love your country, you will be paying a heavy price in the form of your life.

Why do you think people like Manzoor Pishteen are moving around freely and safely? Because they are doing the work for terrorists they are spreading hate among the people against the army and other institutions. They are doing the job for the enemy.

Who were Haroon Bilor and Siraj Raisani? They were the Patriots. They never said anything against Pakistan. Who do you think are the murderers of Haroon Bilour and Siraj Raisani? The same enemy who has hired a few people to spread hate and fear.

Time is critical. We all are going through hard times. If we don’t realize who our real enemy is then it would be impossible for us to block the path of terrorists forever. We have to get rid of this together, for us and for future generations.

Know the importance of independence before it’s taken away from you.

میرے وطن یہ عقیدتیں اور پیار تجھ پے نثار کردوں 

محبّتوں کے یہ سلسلے بیشمار تجھ پے نثار کردوں

Pakistan Zindabad!

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