Pakistan Is Our Number One – Polish Couple Shares Their Super Amazing Experience Of Visiting Pakistan

Polish couple visited Pakistan
Kate and Lukasz, the Polish couple captured while their visit in Pakistan. Photo via: The Nation

Travelling has always been a beautiful thing to do and some people have got this passion of exploring the world. This Polish couple has also been filled with the same passion as they left their home, Poland, behind to explore the world and it’s beauty.

Kate and Lukasz began their travelling journey from Poland to Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and now Pakistan.

Both of them are right now in Lahore; Kate is a painter and graphic designer while Lukasz is a fashion photographer.

The Polish couple shares their beautiful experience of visiting Pakistan in an interview with The Nation in which they talk about what they loved about Pakistan and despite media’s negative coverage about Pakistan, why they visited it.

1. What actually inspired them to visit Pakistan?

“Media image of Pakistan is very poor in Europe and we were curious about Pakistan’s culture, as if it’s really that horrifying as shown in media or no. One man from Poland was here and he found no fun so we thought to cancel the plan of visiting Pakistan. But gradually, Lukasz started to contact Pakistani people and they came out to be really cooperative and we realized that things are different on ground level.” – Kate

“When I started to discover about beauty of Pakistan, I came to know about its beautiful mountains and what a heaven this country is. We came to give this message that Pakistan is a safe country for tourists.” – Lukasz

Polish couple
Passu Cones, Pakistan
Polish couple visited Pakistan
Hunza, Pakistan

2. Their experience in Pakistan

“We have explored northern areas till now including Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit, Kalash Valley, Chitral, Islamabad and Peshawar. Now we are in Lahore and my experience is, like I want to stay here longer and longer and I will never get bored. This country is so varied, different landscape, different people, different languages. At times, we ask ourselves that is there anything more beautiful in the world than Pakistan? For now, Pakistan is our number one.” – Kate

Polish couple visited Pakistan
Pakistanis captured in a photo
Polish couple visited Pakistan
Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
Polish couple visited Pakistan
Fort Bala Hisar, Peshawar, Pakistan

3. Problems faced by Polish couple in Pakistan

“Food poisoning is a problem as you have to be really careful about food while travelling as our stomachs are used to different kind of food. Also, we didn’t want any security but they give us escort through Chitral so police checkpoints is a problem.” – Lukasz

4. Fears before starting to travel

“Of course there were many fears but as soon as we started, all of them vanished away as we had good intentions. Traveling is making us stronger.” – Kate

5. Experience of crossing the border into Pakistan

“We crossed from China and it was very long plus annoying. It took us almost a whole day to manage and organize crossing the border due to security and safety checking. But finally when we stepped on the Pakistan’s land we saw ‘Welcome To Pakistan’ sign and it just warmed us up immediately.” – Kate

The Polish couple has clearly fallen in love with PakistanĀ on their visit and it seems like that they will take some time to get over it.

They have further planned to visit Srilanka and India in order to explore the world and it’s beauty even more.

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