How Pakistani Drama’s Evolved Over The Time


Pakistan’s drama industry have always been in a limelight from the time of Alpha bravo Charlie and Cousins drama serial. Ptv has tremendously evolved with the changing trends and taste of the society from those early days where we used to watch “Tanhaiyan”, “Cousins”, “Ainak wala Jin”.

People were fond of those dramas and used to watch them strictly no matter how busy in those days they were. Those Old drama serials were requirement of that time period and showed the trends in that era. Now as the society has evolved so do the PTV channel and its dramas not only PTV but also other Tv channels have evolved, they stepped in to the drama world and created their own identity like ARY, HUM TV etc. mainly these channels were given preference after PTV became obsolete with its agenda’s that has been showed in their dramas but some people still watch PTV dramas because of its traditional appeal. The basic reason why people were so much affiliated with PTV was because of the Simplicity, Values, and Ethics they used to show in their dramas. We can clearly remind ourselves about the drama serial Cousins which were the best entertainment drama serial for youth of that time. The best thing in that drama serial were limitations between the relationships and the bounding between cousins. Everything in that time period was authentic and pure but as the time evolved that authenticity in dramas as well as in the society started to vanish away.  Drama industry started to flourish when it highlighted the societal issues that were under cover and were hidden from the sight of the people but they existed. First issues that was raised by the drama industry were about the male dominance in the eastern society we can clearly see that in the drama serial “Durr-e-shahwar” and “Kankar”

how well the writer Umera Ahmed has portrayed her work. She always had something tremendous to show us with her exceptional agenda’s but mostly her focus is on male dominant society, which is a reality. In the second phase of evolution focus of the society moved towards other issues in which religious, political and exceeded limitations between the relationships which were Na-mehram from the religious perspective were shown.  The best dramas that people came across with religious point of view were “Khuda aur Mohabbat”, “Abdul Qadir” and “Shehre-zaat”.  More or less many dramas tried to highlight as much issues as it can in only one soap or produced so many dramas in stream to gain success. These days drama industry is at exceptional level but the only drawback is that while acting for a certain scene actors get too bold which is hard to handle. Actors are obviously instructed to do such scenes but there should be a certain limit which shouldn’t be crossed. From far we see glamour of the dramas but in reality when we observe keenly we can clearly see that it has some fallacies too. There are some amazing dramas that can blow your mind and also there are some poorly directed dramas which can be a cause of headache. Now a day’s people want something different or comic I would say like “Bulbulaay” and “Choti si zindagi” because we have seen much intense issues presented in the form of dramas. People are now bored with the old concepts but there are some attention grabbing issues that are still more important than the comedy, issues like gang rape, child sexual abuse, harassment, fraud etc is included. Drama serial “Udaari” and “Chup Raho” did a wonderful job in showing this area. These issues might be too bold to handle for the general public but we can’t keep our eyes close as our society is in a great mess because of these issues remain buried under the fantasy. In the end we can say with the continuous changing in the society drama industry is also evolving and trying hard to come up with the changing taste and trends of the society but they need a limit set for scenes that can went wrong.

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