Pakistan’s Fashion Has Never Lacked Behind


Evolution of Pakistani fashion

Since the inception of Pakistan, Pakistan hasn’t been a step away from the world. Despite the routine problems we face, we have stepped up our game in fashion since the beginning.

Our fashion started with the traditional shalwar kameez. Even though we are at the peak in fashion these days, the conventional shalwar kameez is still in our lives, as it is the national dress of Pakistan.

The fashion started with small kameez and plain shalwar. Then it evolved into small kameez and Patiala shalwar. This fashion was noticed by India as well and they “revolutionized” their fashion industry with Patiala shalwar kameez, which they later realized that it was old fashion; it was already tried in the earlier 1900’s in the Indian city Patiala. But by the time they added this to their fashion industry, Pakistan had gone four steps ahead by introducing long frocks and churidaar pajama. The men wore shalwar kameez as well but western clothes also became a part of their lives.


With the different styles in frocks, in came the old Anarkali frock styles, which was basically already a part of Muslim heritage as observed in the Mughal era. Soon enough, India caught up, and they still are going on with their Anarkali designs, whereas Pakistan was again ahead of them in fashion in 2010 as told by Italian fashion designers when the fashion show was held in Milan, Italy and our famous designers, Deepak Pervani, Maheen Khan, and Rizwan Beyg represented Pakistan with their latest designs. Bridal dressing hasn’t been behind either. PFDC Fashion weeks always grab the attention of everyone.


However, according to recent studies, Pakistani fashion was acknowledged abroad by famous foreign designers and we were told that Pakistani fashion is at the top of the charts.

Then in the obvious recognition of the burgeoning of a rich celebrity culture, courtesy the proliferation of award shows, film premiers and their cornerstone-the Red Carpet-one has recently witnessed the rise of the fashion stylist in Pakistan’s fashion circuit, says Mariam Azmi, who has worked for a few films including a Hollywood action movie starring the famous Jackie Chan.

Pakistan has also done the Lakme fashion week in 2014 and Pakistan has represented it’s fashion in London, Paris, New york, the leading fashion cities. Recently as a part of its global fashion DNA Project initiative, the British Council in Pakistan invited several designers to showcase their clothes at the prestigious Fashion Scout as part of London Fashion Week 2017.

And when Donatella Versace unveiled her menswear collection for spring/summer 2016, much of it was inspired by Pakistani national dress the shalwar kameez. Giorgio Armani and Diane Von Furstenberg have also referenced the Pakistani national dress. Marchesa designers gergina chapman and Keren Craig, have used resham threadwork embroidery on their cocktail dresses.

( Photography by Rehan Qureshi)

Needless to say, Pakistani fashion has a lot of scope and is off the charts.

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