Pakistan’s first ever school for transgender community is opening & waqai, Tabdeeli agayi hai.


In Lahore, the first ever school for transgender community is going to be initiated on 15th of April 2018. The school’s name is “The Gender Guardian” which is founded by Asif Shahzad and Exploring Future Foundation. Asif said,


At least 15 faculty members including 3 transgender would be teaching the students.


Not only this but 2 more campuses would be opening in Islamabad and Karachi soon. Brilliantly, the school offers 12 years of education from primary to matriculation and also intermediate.


And that’s not enough right now. The Gender Guardian will also be offering some technical courses like,


  • Beautician
  • Graphic Designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Computer and mobile repairing
  • Hairstyling courses


Many Showbiz stars are expected to attend it’s formal opening ceremony which will be held at Alhamra Hall. We wish a very good luck to the future of Transgender Community in Pakistan and we are proud to say that many attempts are being and would be made for this community to provide them equal rights. We should keep bringing them up to the mark as they deserve and should treat them properly because they are also a creature of Allah. One day Pakistan would be a better place for transgender community.  In Sha Allah! 

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