Paris Hilton Just Got Engaged To Her Soulmate And It Couldn’t Be More Perfect

Paris Hilton

So, 2018 just started with the exciting news of engagement of Paris Hilton with her love of life, soulmate and best friend, Chris Zylka and the beginning of this year couldn’t be more perfect as we are loving the duo alot.

Paris Hilton

The news of engagement has been announced by Paris Hilton herself via her Twitter account and she definitely appeared to be so happy and so excited.

Getting engaged is surely one of the exciting moments of ones life and feeling emotional plus joyous at such moments is natural; so does Paris felt at this special occassion of her life.

Paris Hilton

This is so amazing to know that she has got the one she loves.



Talking about her engagement Paris Hilton remarked that she feels to be the luckiest girl in the world as the celebrity got loyal, dedicated and kindhearted guy.

At one side where fans were happy to hear the super amazing news then at the other side people were more talking about Paris Hilton’s massive ring.

Paris Hilton

The 20-carat ring of the lady is designed by the celebrity jeweller Michael Greene and is of about $2 million worth that really left fans in awe.

How could people not make memes? 

Lols! Er…

People are just so hilarious.

Haha! Mannn. This is cute yet funny.

However, Paris Hilton also shared a beautiful video of the moment when Chris Zylka proposed her and she said nothing but yes, yes and yes.


Whatever, we loved the duo and Paris’s excitement for all the engagement thing as it surely made the start of 2018 way too awesome and positive; we wish the couple all the best.

After Meghan Markle’s engagement with Prince Harry this fairy tale of Paris and Chris appeared on the scene and it’s truly making us believe in love, relationships and of course, fairy tales.

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