Have you ever tasted the sweetness of patience ? It is sweet like honey, deep like oceans, bright like full night moon, free like birds, fragrant like roses and what not!

Sometimes, we are all tested by what we love with the core of our heart; that job you really wanted to have, that career you worked hard to pursue, that friend who was there everytime, husband who was dear to the deepest, child who was coolness of the eyes, sibling who got married and shifted miles away, it could be anything or everything.

All kinds of love that are found in this universe. Every bit of it. Every piece of it. Sometimes love liberates, other times it enslaves. Love is rise. Love is fall. Love honours. Love humiliates. Love rejoices. Love hurts. Love lives. Love dies. Love chases. Love runs. Love you win. Love you loose. All of this love, it tests. We are tested by giving it and we are tested by taking it away.

No matter what state you are in, you are going through a section of an examination. There would be parts you know and would love to solve and there would be parts you just wish you could skip but you couldn’t!

Things won’t always go the way you planned. People will wrong you, misunderstand you, things wont go the way you wanted, your efforts might seem to go unnoticed but this is life. You are not alone. It happens with you, me and everyone. Hold on with patience. Wait till the sun rises again. Try till the last breath. There is nothing permanent in this world. It is not designed that way. Everything will change and it has to change. Change is the course of this universe. But till then, grab patience and patience and patience and you will be the hero of the story!

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I am Ayesha. A happy-go-lucky wife to an Army officer and a prudent mother to an infant. I love reading and writing as much as I love eating and breathing. It gives me wings and sets me free. Nature to me is the true healer. Living among people that are pursuing a high quality life is the ultimate dream. Pakistani cuisine is a treat to the tastebuds. A villa in Islamabad is on top of the wish list. Learn and grow, is the motto of my life. Love ❤