People Are Making Fun Of a Boy Singing Despacito & This Is Not Okay.


Despacito is a Spanish hit delivered by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee in 2017 & its music video got maximum likes ever. This song got hit overnight we can say, got translated into many languages, covered by many singers around the globe & was sung by everyone whether the lyrics were not an easy game.







As everybody tried, one boy who is also very confident dared to sing despacito in an interview on a live tv which went on air too. The boy was chill & confident who sang a song live but was trolled just because he didn’t remember the lyrics.






Such videos going viral on social media has already did a lot of damage to the confidence of other kids & people

Remember that “We are proud of you” girl?



Same was done with her. She was just expressing her thoughts & due to tongue slip she accidentally said ” We are proud of you” to the reporter. This boy was also made a joke & way of amusement of people just to create few memes.



She actually made sense. 



The lady standing next to him asked to stop singing as everybody was laughing. Well this is something very stupid to make fun of a kid if he sung wrong lyrics. We must understand that how such useless amusement can ruin someone’s talent, confidence & life.


More power to you, boy!

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