How People Reacted after Nawaz Sharif got Disqualified


The Panama verdict has been declared and well people went super savage on Nawaz Sharif. Obviously, all of them were PTI followers and obviously, they had a lot to say. PML-N followers are probably watching from behind the curtains.

Following are some of the examples of pure savageness that went down on PML-N and its followers with a special light on Nawaz Sharif.

  1. The Ludo Star reference. To be honest that’s a pretty awesome one right there!


3. I am pretty sure they will know who to not mess with

4. PMLN’S new name                                                 

5. We all were somewhat scared. Admit it.

6. Okay this genuinely made me laugh

7. Oh, give me those words, baby.

8. That is a legit question though. Who would PTI followers scream “Go Nawaz Go” for?

9. Our two favourite YouTubers have something to say as well.


10. “warr gaye?” “warr gaye.” is so much better than the original always always.

11.  “Or tum apne rab ki kon kon si naimaton ko jhutlao ge!”

12. It certainly is Insaaf ki jeet. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf ki jeet. Get it? Oh well.

13. Others want Justin Trudeau as PM.

14. Step away trollers, because Jemima has something better to say!

15. Oh, we definitely are extra!

16. Some are still wary about Chaudhry Nisar breaking his silence at the last moment

It is pretty obvious that the trolling has just started. Abhi tou party shuru hui hai. I’m pretty sure this will keep on going on forever just like we all know that no one is going to forget “kohli nahi hota tujh se chase” and “aik so assi

There will come a time when we will be surrounded with our grandkids and we will be telling them stories of our times, one of them which, will be how Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by the court just because Maryam Nawaz made a single mistake of using the wrong font which hadn’t been introduced before 2006.

Even though the above-mentioned tweets are awesome, nothing beats Sheeda’s legendary tweet.

Pictures are basically screenshots taken by yours truly.


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