People Started Sharing Their Own Stories After Knowing This Couple’s Amazing Tale Of Coping With Racism


Racism is a toxic and ugly practice around the world and many people face racist remarks everyday which is so disgusting and unhealthy.

The same is the story of this beautiful couple which face racist remarks very often but not only they deal with this rubbish strongly but also give eachother a supporting hand in their more than 40 years of love life and are still together.

A man named John Struthers shared his beautiful picture with his wife on Twitter by captioning it with something which depicts that how they didn’t let the negative and racist remarks of people affect them in any way.

John Struthers and his wife

Also, the tweet shows that they stick by each other’s sides on all occasions and always cope with racism strongly and courageously.

“I thought I would share.. We’ve had disapproving looks, ‘we are full’, ‘is that your wife’ and many more actions questioning our relationship over the last 40+yrs. We haven’t wavered! The best way of fighting racism is living your life, standing tall and educating. #Diversity” – he captioned the picture on Twitter



John Struthers is basically a professor of Economics at the University of Scotland and serves as the Director for the Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development. He is also the Honorary Consul Ethiopia in Scotland.

John Struthers

John Struthers showed the world that by educating and living the life, standing tall, one can defeat the ugly practice of racism.

The professor sweetly shared his love life and kind of celebrated it on his social media account; consequently, people quickly got inspired by John’s story and didn’t resist to share their own beautiful tales which are epitome of defeat of racism and triumph of love.

The amazing stories of people which they try to tell the world by one picture only are so beautiful and filled with nothing but love, love, love. This world needs more love and no ugly things like racism, so just spread and talk love.


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