Photographer Captured Women In 60 Countries To Show That Every Lady Shines Like A Star


Women are the most beautiful and strongest creations on this earth who can work like a man and be a mother as well, who can be a daughter yet can perform the duties of a son. Shortly, women are the epitome of courage and beauty.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and beauty is diversity. This photographer named Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian, has travelled the world for four years with her backpack and camera to photograph everyday women in 60 countries and collect their super amazing stories.

The project of this Romanian photographer named “The Atlas of Beauty” contains more than 500 portraits with many awesome and interesting stories.

The aim of this photographer is to show that every woman shines like a star and beauty is actually diversity and not just that which is shown in the mass-media.

For her, real beauty is not confined to age, colours or trends. From Africa to Europe and from village to town, every woman is beautiful and stunning.

In smile and in wrinkles, in happiness and in sadness, every lady looks so pretty plus gorgeous and one can’t deny the fact that beauty lies within every kind-hearted creature.

“In a time where there is hate and intolerance, I want to send a message about love and acceptance,” Mihaela Noroc said according to Bored Panda.

However, we have gathered some photos from her collection to convey her message to the world that beauty is diversity and that, beauty knows no bounds of language, creed or culture.

1. Berlin, Germany

This German young woman travels as much as she can. To be honest, she is so pretty.


2. Belgian with Polish Origins

This is Ania who wants to compete in Paralympic Games. She is totally an inspiration and an example of courage; we hope that she gets what she wants.


3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Through popular online community, Thorunn brings Icelandic women together.


4. Bucharest, Romania

Magda experienced a horrifying car accident in 2005 as a passenger and now she wants to change the perspectives of people about disabled people by amazing initiatives as there are many physically challenged people out there who don’t appear in public very often due to several   reasons; that might be no proper infrastructure’s facilities for them or stereotypical outlook of people towards them.


5. Idomeni Refugee Camp, Greece

These mother and daughters fled the war in Syria. Brave, certainly.


6. Chichicastenango, Gautemala

This is Maria who was selling vegetables in market of a village.


7. Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

She was working in the field in one of the most remote places of this world.


8. Baku, Azerbaijan

Fidan is one of those amazing women who don’t start a relationship until respect is given to them.


9. Ethiopia

This girl is a Muslim and her best friend and another woman who owns this terrace, is a Christian.


10. Kathmandu, Nepal

Sona was celebrating Holi.


However, every woman is beautiful and surely beauty lies in soul. If you have a beautiful soul then you are the epitome of prettiness.

Source: Mihaela Noroc

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