Photographer Took Pictures Of Her Friends In 2000, Then In 2017 And Results Are Amazing


Photography is an art that not everyone masters as it takes highly creative skills to be a good photographer. Creativity in photography can vary in a sense of the events, ideas and designs.

Recently, a photographer named Josephine Sittenfeld used her skills of photography to highlight that how amazingly people change in the large time of about 17 years.

This photographer took pictures of her old college friends in 2000 when she was a junior at Princeton University. The photographs of her friends ended up in a closet with dust on them.

But recently after years, when her college reunion was about to happen, Josephine remembered those old photos which had been in the closet.

Being a photographer, a creative idea clicked to her mind and by using her super amazing skills of photography, she decided to recreate the photos at the reunion.

The result “Reunion” is a series of then and now shots which show that how amazingly yet quickly people change and age.

Though mostly features of the people remain same but looks become totally different as with time people get much mature, careful, responsible and decent.

“When I was twenty, I felt something indescribable and full of energy. Only now I am able to describe it, the ultimate sensing of life ahead.” – Josephine’s old roommate said

However, here are before-and-after photos of people clicked by Josephine Sittenfeld.

1. Tenley and Ryan



2. Larry

This is so adorable.


3. Aili

The change is really mature and she’s totally a lady now.


4. Eveline

From little innocent girl to a mature woman.


5. Ellie

This much change in her looks literally surprised us.


6. Sophie

Remarkable and amazing.


7. Olympia

Hair are much properly combed now. Lols!


8. Craig, Denise, Amy and Jess

Things change, really.


9. Josephine

Same pose, same looks.


10. Anna

Eyes are looking at you so differently.


However, time passes, things change and people evolve ultimately. Life doesn’t stop for anyone and these all before-and-after photographs clicked by Josephine literally made us to ponder on, that how we are going to look in the coming 17 years?

Source: Josephine Sittenfeld and her Instagram

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