Piyar Seeker.


Yesterday late into the night me and one of my closest friend were talking.

We were having our daily aimless talks.

Which we seem to gotten hooked to.

All was well until as always a wave of emotions hit me.

And yes as would have noted i am the emotional one out of the two.

Hence we found a new term last night.

Piyar Seeker.

Now i know we all have heard about attention seekers and whatnot.

But this term really hit me hard.

How is one a Piyar seeker?

Its simple.

In simple words we are looking for love.

We crave love.

We are now living in the world where there is more hate than love.

Negativity has taken over us and sometimes even the positive takes a bad face.

Now when i found out that one way or another we are all somehow Piyar seeker.

I made it into who is more piyar seeker between us two?

Now the friend i was talking to is couple of years older than me.

And that somehow always led me to value his opinion.

Hence we started debating over it.

Who is more Piyar seeker?

And well as you could have deduced.

It turned out i was the one who was and is more Piyar seeker.

But i am as stubborn as they come.

Therefore asked him to tell me why?

He turned the tables on me and asked why do you think you are not?

(He always does that. And he is good at making myself question things.)

And well i was in a predicament.

Because all evidence pointed towards how more Piyar seeker i was.

How whenever i was upset i sought out somebody to make me feel better.

Despite knowing the fact that nobody can.

How i often texted people all by myself just because i was high on sugar.

Or how I sought out people when i just wanted to make others laugh.

Even when i just want to rant out.

Also how when i can not find anyone i post stuff on Facebook so that that one person i need to notice notices.

And well i was truly at loss.

Not that it happened for the first time ever.

But i was shocked.

I always thought i had all the love of the world.

Why did i thought so?

That was because i have an ideal family.

I am the eldest hence always given the VIP treatment.

Also i have always been the spoiled child of my family.

Always the center of attention.

My parents always made me their first priority and still do.

Yet me being a Piyar seeker shook me to the core.

And i am to be honest still in the predicament that how could this be possible.


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