Premature Marriages and Domestic violence – the reality of Pakistan


Shahnaz; the 20 year old looked at the sky, it was dark just like her fortune, the angry voice of her husband was echoing in her mind when he told her that he has fixed the engagement of their 12 year old daughter with a 32 year old man. Her horrible past flashed before her eyes when her father dropped her out of the school and forcefully got her married at the age of 10. The tears rolled down her cheeks when she remembered how her in-laws and husband tortured her and she was force to take care of her children and do the house chores when her friends were graduating. She looked at her scars and wondered if she could do something so that the same history couldn’t be repeated with her innocent ambitious daughter.
Like Shahnaz there are millions of young females bearing the torture and are forced to live in an abusive relation. The self centered males believe that women are just a toy and a feeling less robot. While our Islam teaches us to respect women, our men think that they are the only one who deserve the respect and women are just the sand below their feet.
Every second women in Pakistan is a victim of domestic violence. According to a survey conducted in Pakistan, 70-90% women face domestic violence. Basically, domestic violence could be defined as “the behavior used by a spouse in a relationship to control the other according to their needs”. Do our men need to control women because of whom they live an easy life? Are they right when they consider women their servant? When our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said, “your wives are your partners not your servants.”
Violence has a strong affect on the behavior, thinking and feelings of the person .there are many cases seen in Pakistan where the women who face these agonies, get mental disorders, starts being senseless or starts torturing some one else. Many innocent have died or have lost their senses.
Now, it’s time to raise our voice. Raise our voice against these beast and there horrendous crime. It’s time to raise our voices and save women like Shahnaz from the tribulation. Let’s unite and stand against the early marriage rule and raise awareness. It’s time to fight back against all odds and return the honorable position to females which they deserve in our society. As, “somethings are so sad, there is just no response to it… Except to fight back.” It’s high time and this burning situation of our country demands a solution. Following are few of the solutions through which we can ticket back this major issue and help our mothers, sisters and daughters who are going through this prolonged pain.
• Punish those who are guilty of committing the crime
• Introduce serious and strict implementable laws to control the rate.
• Create awareness programs
• Educational programs could be used as a great platform.

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