This Private College In Lahore Is Becoming A Hell For Students After Their Smartphones Are Smashed


A few days ago, a video went viral on social media for all the right reasons. The video showed a man who kept on breaking a decent amount of expensive smartphones. The reason behind this smashing of phone was that the students were using them in classrooms. Too strict..Maybe! This happened in a Medical college named “Avicenna Medical College” situated in Lahore. Phones were confiscated and were destroyed one by one.

The supervisor of the institute, who happens to be the retired Army Officer, revealed that he wants a proper code of conduct to be followed in the college. Students of this institute were not allowed to bring their smartphones and when the administration caught them, they were destroyed brutally.

This is from a medical college in Lahore, Confiscated from students during lectures or just using it on the premises. My question is, you can fine them or something? Why do you have to break their expensive cellphones? The dean of this medical college needs a psychological treatment.

Posted by Sir Saith Abdullah on Sunday, February 4, 2018

So you think this is it, hmmm!! Probably NOT.

If you guys are thinking that the ban they put on bringing smartphones is wrong, wait till you see the further restrictions.

Girls have to measure the length of their shirts, it should be 2 inches below their Kness. They also restricted to wear tights or any kind of skin dresses.

Without the permission of parents, girls are not allowed to cut their hairs short.

Girls are not allowed to wear any kind of jeans on any kind of event held in or outside the college.

Without taking a leave, taking a day off is not allowed. Coming late into the class means Rs 500 fine, Absence without taking leave costs you Rs 1 and absence for two days without a leave means a fine of Rs 2000.

It is impossible for the girls to meet someone outside the visitors list is impossible. The list will be provided to the college by the parents along with their signatures.

Students cannot bring their smartphones into the classes. If its necessary for you to bring a phone than only keypad phone is allowed.

The college does not allow the students to use the internet and laptops.

Imagine in the year as advanced as 2018, students are not allowed to use internet or possess laptops. They can only use the library computers which are monitored. College days are supposed to be fun as that time is indeed a memorable time on one’s life. However colleges like Avicenna college make it a living hell of young students.




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