PTCL Crashes Down And Everyone Is Going Mad And Turned Sarcastic



In the times of technology internet has become pretty much like oxygen for us.

We all need it.

And it seems like we all need it to survive.

Internet is what makes us all a global civilization now.

It is due to internet that we have the whole world on our fingers.

But what if our internet crashes down.

Imagine one day without internet.

We find a world outside and around us.

We spend time with our family.

Even get out of the house.

I for one start to fidget around and start wondering what to do with life now.

But nevertheless we do enjoy life without internet.

And this enjoyment is often felt by PTCL broadband users.

By now you already know what this must be about.

Yes PTCL’s broadband system has crashed! 

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They say we may experience slow browsing during peak hours but we all know that’s just code words for no internet for us for the next few days.

Therefore say hello to 3Gs.

I myself am a PTCL user and yes i say that i am satisfied with their service.

I know it might be hard to believe but i get internet with the speed i have signed up with.

And maybe like once a year i face problem with the connectivity.

Which is solved within two days of the complaint.

But that’s just the opinion of one user.

Many other user of PTCL complain through out the year that how sucky the internet is.

And how many problems they face every year.

Yet what baffles me is that they would not change their connection.

Weird no?

But that’s not what we are to talk about.

PTCL has updated his users and posted this said update on their facebook page.

We apologize for internet connectivity issues being faced by some of you due to a fault in the International submarine…

Posted by PTCL on Thursday, July 6, 2017

They have mentioned what the problem is and have apologized for the inconvenience.

But obviously that is surely not enough.

As people are already cursing out the management and the connection.

As you can see in the following comments.


And yes people are making jokes about it.

Let us all hope and pray that PTCL fixes this issue as soon as possible.

And get their system up and running smoothly.

With proper speed.

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