Punjab University Once Again Became A Combat Zone As Group Of Students Were Clashed Rigorously


Not a new thing you you guys and for the students of University of Punjab. It once again became a battlefield on Monday morning 22nd of January 2018.The clash between the two student unions left several students injured. The clash was unstoppable until the University administration called the Police. They managed to overcome the situation.

Islami Jamiat e Talibia ( IJT ) and Baloch students were seen attacking each other with different objects, most likely once were Batons and bricks. They broked windows of many of the cars parked in the University permises and they also put chemistry lab on fire. According to details, Islami Jamiat e Talibia ( IJT ) clashed over a stall that was lodged for a festivsl in Electrical Engineering Department.


Vice-Chancellor added to his comments about the fight was that, ” Balme cannot be out on single student group”. It didn’t ended here, the issue was taken into the hands of Law Minister of Punjab, Rana Sanaullah. Rana Sanaullah took immediate notice on this and ordered the Punjab police to take necessary actions. Administration of the University stated that they will take strict measures against those students who were invovled in the severe fight, the students would be expelled from the University.


Being a student in of the Punjab University I highly debar the act. That was not the first time we saw this kind of extreme clashes, The same thing also happened previously between IJT and Pashtun Federation over Pashtun culture Day and atleast seven students were critically injured that time.

This is the things which makes our country sink, this makes our institutions degraded in International World. So in order to avoid this, the institutions should take the responsibilty to shape and groom the vision of students. Political affairs should not be invovled in the activities of students as this can become a perfect reason for a fight. Cultural difference should not become a part of division between us Pakistanis, rather than this we should celebrate this distinction. This kind of clashes should be avoided in future so that the prestige and pride of the University remains unaffected. Students should live in peace and harmony with full patience and tolerance. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND ALSO LET OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.



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