A Pure Desi Girl Guide


Getting into a relationship with a “Desi Girl” ? Here’s what you need to be prepared for…








1. “Mai motti ho gayi ho?”
A question where a yes or no can not help you. She’s about to emotionally burst anyway. Hold on!









2. “mai red wala dress pehno ya orange wala?”

Even though, to you, both the colours seem exactly the same, you have to help her decide which one to wear. And no matter what you choose, she’ll still go with the one she initially wanted. Good Luck!







3. “ajj kal ap mujhe time nahi dete !”
A widely used emotional complain, no matter how many hours you spend with her listening to her all day drama, there’s always going to be less of what you give to her.







4. “ap chose krlo mai wohi khaongi jo ap khao ge”
NO. Just Don’t. This is a trap. Where ever she says “you decide”. Well you don’t. That’s a trap. Stay away. Aboard Mission. RUN.









5. “Ap mujhse kitna pyaar krte hai?”
This is the question she’ll ask you a million times in just a single day. Be prepared. You’ll never have enough reasons to satisfy her. And you might end up upsetting her.
Ohh well… !








6. “Ap ko mera birthday yad hai?”
Dates. Yeah. That’s an important factor you should NEVER dare to forget. And once you do, well you’ll have a lifetime of taunts prepared at your service Sir !









Apart from all her annoying statements be also prepared for an uncountable amount of love, care, admiration and joy in your life. Not all of them are here for money and looks… there are some rare “Desi Gems” who hold a lot of emotional aspect towards even the little amount of affection you show.
So good luck with yours, because you never know when that Beautiful angel you had fallen for may turn into a psychopath over the minute! 😉

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