QB Just Called Imran Khan An ‘Asshole’ And People Are Really Not Liking It

Imran Khan

So, to know the reason that why Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch aka QB called Imran Khan an ‘Asshole’, you just need to jump back in the past couple of months, when Ayesha Gulalai accused Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of harassing her.

Ayesha came up with the allegations that Imran Khan did send her some ugly messages years ago which can be related to harassment.

Though Ayesha never showed the messages to prove her allegations true and neither she resigned from the seat of National Assembly that she won on the ticket of PTI after the whole controversy.

Ayesha accused Imran Khan of harassment
Ayesha Gulalai

This made Ayesha’s case weaker and people started questioning her accusations. Also, Imran Khan denied Ayesha’s accusations and regarded them as totally false.

However, all the controversy was almost dead now when recently Al-Jazeera tweeted a video showing Gulalai’s claims and the issue got fueled up again.

QB was quick to respond to video and tweeted it by calling Imran Khan an ‘Asshole.’

This stirred up people’s emotions and they starting bashing QB over her extremely wrong selection of words and disregarding Imran Khan on the basis of the news which has got no facts in it.

They didn’t stop here but also showed dismay over Al-Jazeera for covering the news.

To all this, Ayesha Gulalai also showed up and thanks Al-Jazeera for covering the news in order to highlight the issue of harassment of women by the powerful ones.

Though harassment of women is common these days and is totally wrong and immoral in any way but Ayesha Gulalai at many steps proved, herself, that her side of story got many loopholes and consequently her case got weaker and weaker.

This made many people to step back from getting involved in the controversy and refrained from commenting on it. But QB’s recent comment on the case shows that she can’t stand any kind of harassment by anyone which is positive at one side but negative at the other as no one knows who is stating the actual fact which ultimately stop many to bash Imran Khan too.

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