Questions Men Want To Ask Women But Usually Don’t Ask


Have you ever thought what goes on in the minds of a man? Like what do they think about all the time? Do they even think?

Well yes, of course they do, not every man is a complete ditz.

Here are some of the questions men want to ask.

How girls feel when random men look at them?

Well depends on what her own personality is. If she knows she is pretty, she would be proud of herself. If she is confident she probably thinks men are just men. If she is shy, she is probably worried why a guy is looking at her.

Why are girls so much concerned about looks and makeup when they look just fine without it?

It is like so because no woman has been told she looks better without make up. And vice versa, no man has been told he needs make up to look good. That is why looks are usually a major concern for women only.

Why do girls change their voice when they meet someone new?

They think they sound manly usually so they try to sound nicer than they usually do.

Why is it fine if girls can talk to their guy friends but if we do world war 3 starts?

It is usually because women don’t trust men that much because of the number of times their trust has been broken by a man.

What does pregnancy feel like?

Well ask any woman who is either going through it or has gone through it. Ask your mother. She will tell you best.

What do women notice in guys for the first time? And how does it change with time?

Depends, really. Usually they notice their hair, their posture and well face xD

Do girls talk shit like swearing etc?

Some girls do, some don’t. Depends on “how they are raised.”

What is life for an average girl?

I am not an average girl so I would not now 😛 But I do know that most women are bored of their lives.

How do girls feel when they leave their home to be with their husbands?

Well of course she feels sad for leaving a place she has called home for majority of her life but it gets even sadder when her In-law’s make her feel she has come from another place and that their house is not a home for her refuge. She feels like she is now bound and cannot have her freedom if things are like that.

Why do girls hide their feelings so much?

They do it so they don’t get hurt when they express themselves. Usually whenever we do, we are told that we are acting crazy, psycho or being fake.



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