Quotes from the famous “My little Monster”


“I read that when people feel anxious, they crave human contact.” ~Shizuku Mizutani

Female friendship is lateral. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. In our world, we’re supposed to all hold hands and cross the finish line at the same time!” ~Natsume Asako

“Humans will wither away if they’re always alone. The only remedy would be to seek out other people.” ~ Kyouko Misawa

“But, love is good. It changes people, for better or worse. You could look at it as a chance for you to change. The best kind of love helps you grow up.” ~ Mitsuyoshi Misawa

“I concluded that I was disappointed because I built up my expectations” ~ Shizuku Mizutani 

“Once you’ve recognized your mistakes, it’s easy enough to correct them.” ~ Shizuku Mizutani

“It’s impossible to guess how someone else feels. In that case, I should let it all out.” ~ Shizuku Mizutani

“I’m no expert, but I think people mope when their expectations are too high. It’s tiring when you always have to overachieve. Don’t overdo it. Just work on achieving what you can.” ~ Haru Yoshida

“For now, I can say that the light was very pretty and it was probably much, much prettier because I wasn’t alone.” – Shizuku Mizutani

“Sometimes I wish I could rip her arms and legs off so she won’t be able to run away from me.” ~ Haru Yoshida

Okay Haru, as much as I love you, this was plain creepy.

“I have had some dirty thoughts about you.” ~Haru

Okay Haru, that is even more creepier than I thought you could be.


Excuse me, as I try to communicate with fellow anime fans in our fangirl/fanboy language.

Man this anime! Takes you on a roller coaster of emotions!




Sorry, It got a little too cheesy I guess.

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