Quran: A Proper Guide To Life.



Every year in Ramadan many of us get in a race of finishing the Quran.

We make calculations and routines to just read through Quran without understanding it.

But this year I came to realize how important it is to read Quran but also understand it.

Quran for us is a book of knowledge and to get knowledge we need to develop a understanding for it.

The Holy book is in another language and that is a whole another hurdle.

We make efforts when it comes to learning any other language.

But when it comes to Quran and learning arabic we are not that into it.

We just fulfil our duty and then for the whole year keep the Quran aside and forget all about it.

As a Muslim we need to make Quran our guide book to life as that’s what it was sent for.

Quran has the basic rules and guidelines for life and how to become a better person.

It tells us about our responsibilities and even our rights in great details.

Many scholars even give further explanations and interpretations that gives further knowledge about the teachings of Quran.

We can understand Quran more with the help of Ahadees.

I often feel lost and misguided in this big bad world in the search of peace and happiness.

But now that i have started reading Quran and understanding it i find answers to questions very easily.

During the whole day many questions arise in my wandering mind which makes me feel and question my existence but Quran sets me on the right path again.

Now a days Quran is is not only in book form but also as audio books.

There are many videos of recitation of different scholars which sooth our minds and souls just by hearing it.

Therefore this Ramadan we need to understand the importance of our Holy book Quran.

Not only just read through it but try our very best to understand it and apply its guidelines in our daily life.

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