Rafia Baig, The First Pakistani Woman To Join The Bomb Disposal Unit

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Rafia Baig from Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa (KPK) is the first Pakistani Woman to join the Bomb Disposal Unit ( BDU). Hailing from KPK, Rafia Baig belongs to one of the finest and educated family. She has two master degrees in International Relations. More over, she’s pursued another master degree in Economics and she’s also worked at International Rescue Committee. This is where she developed a passion for law and enrolled in an LLB program.


Almost eight years ago, The Law and Order situation in KPK urged Rafia Baig to join the police force.

Since then, she has been posted to many of the red zone areas. Rafia Baig has observed immense courage in the line of her duty.


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Rafia made her way to the BDU after completing 15 days training along with 31 other male members at Nowshera’s school of explosive Handling.

The Bomb Disposal Officer has an extremely tricky job on her hands but she is well-trained and prepared for her role in the organization. In fact, she gives many of her peers a run for their money.


At 29, Baig realized the need of time and left a lucrative career path in order to serve her homeland.

She does not only inspire Pakistani woman to step up and make choices that they are proud of but also motivates the younger generation to serve their nation.


Thank you Rafia Baig for serving your country with such bravery. Pakistan is truly indebted to individuals like you. What is your opinion on Rafia’s nobel pursuit? Show up with your opinions in the comments section.


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