“The Rainbow Journey” is a new release which is the debut English novel by Kinza Javed Choudhry.
Its genre is realist fiction. The basic themes proposed by the author are Friendship, Lust and Love. Understanding with parents and faith in the Lord can also be counted. The story revolves around seven characters who altogether form the Rainbow.
The author herself is an Engineering student of NED University of Engineering and Technology enrolled in the Department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering. She wrote her first book at the age of 18 and she got published at the age of 19.

Read some excerpts from the book below:

1- A strange feeling of her absence whirling with air touched him. He opened his eyes. A crash of thunder burst in his heart – she was not there. He immediately turned back. She was walking against him, rapidly. He could see her back, her hair madly swinging at him in the cold night. A feeling of immense cold ran down his spine and even his warm red hoodie over a white sweatshirt could not resist the cold sensation. He understood what had happened and now he could do nothing but regret his decision to share such feelings. He did not want to lose her but he had lost her. All of his precautions had went in vain, she had not given him a chance to clarify or explain. He was all alone like the water on road, the trees in forest, the screes in between mountains and the moon in sky – the feast was over. The clouds covered the whole sky in a single moment and mourned his loneliness. He never expressed what he felt and now when he had finally tried, he had lost. It began to rain out of the clear blue sky. Cold drops, as delicate as rose falling on his face reminded him of her tears. He never wanted to hurt her, but he had done so.

“Have I left her in tears?”

This thought was enough to start another rain – the rain of his tears. His eyes had never looked deeper and tears had never shone brighter before. He looked up at the sky and screamed out loud. The screams of thunder competed with him. Peace had left the place just a moment ago.

2-“Last stage of brain tumor.” The doctor told them.

An everlasting moment of shock. As if the world had been pulled from beneath their feats. A sense of falling. Falling into the depths of darkness and despair. How could this be? It just could not be possible. Had their friend been unknown to this disease herself or was she a strong soldier, carrying all her burden alone? Had she been carrying this secret in her heart for far too long without telling anyone and left it up to fate to reveal the secret when the moment was right? Of course, no moment was right.


The slow murmurs in an utterly empty place seemed loud, mingling with the whispers of the girl he desired. He was restless in his morning dream. Cycling under the blanket like a little child, he woke up. He sat, breathing heavily. The first person he observed for sure was Kifah – taking fidgety sleep on the chair. She had been whispering something the whole night. Ignoring her, he went out. When he came back, his face was wet and so were his hands. He moved toward her and stopped for a while, smirking. He felt no shame in touching her face with his wet hands. She instantly woke up feeling cold – cold season, cold night, cold morning and the person she was with, coldest. Face blanched and lips purple. She shivered, her body motionless on the chair, she could not move. Eyes blinking, body still, she was as silent and as cold as the dead. He shook her head slowly and then harshly, no resistance from the other side. He looked into her swollen eyes, deeply red. She was looking terrible for the first time. No beauty, no cuteness but innocence was something she had been bestowed.

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