Ramadan For Ladies.


It has just been 3 days since Ramadan started and it has been hectic.

In every household the life of the female has been crazy.

From the preparation of sehri till the time of iftar.

Where does all the time vanish is a total mystery.

Prepping, cooking and frying in this heat is truly no less than a test.

Us girls sweat out more than we drink water in Sehri.

All day, Everyday it is the same from the lack of sleep we become intolerant and end up getting worked up and angry.

Usually men and boys in the family despite knowing the weather conditions set a long list of food items they need on the table at sehri and iftar both.

And when one’s expectations are not met or the cooked food is not upto the par they get mad.

They get critical and say things that would end up hurting the feelings of the person.

The person who in this heat stood in the kitchen for hours at then end to be able to produce the end result.

As a girl myself i know how difficult it is to go through it all.

And how it feels when someone says anything negative about your hard work.

Being a girl it needs a lot of patience and calmness to take it all in a stride and not complain.

Specially hearing sarcastic remarks from your brothers who spend all day sleeping or lazing around.

As the time is passing by many of us are forgetting what Ramadan is really about.

It is not about the menus and food that would be present on the table.

It is about praying, asking for forgiveness and realizing how blessed we are.

Men and other people too need to realize that it is not easy to cook in this heat.

And it surely is not easy to put a whole lot of items on the table at both times.

Us ladies also need to pray just as much as men need to.

Therefore this ramadan and in the future too men and boys need to develop empathy for the girls busy in the kitchen.

Help out as much as they can and be thankful for whatever they get to eat at Sehri and Iftar.

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