“I Ran After Him, Caught Him And Beat The Shit Out Of Him Until He Begged For Forgiveness…”


Sexual abuse and harassment in big malls or either in bazaars of Pakistan is nothing new. Boys out there practice such stupid things every other day and try to escape right after harassing. Very often, if some victim backfires, then they start begging for forgiveness.


Something similar happened with this girl from Karachi who had been sexually abused by a moron while she was selecting a wallet for herself from a stall.

But the boy didn’t know a little that he messed up with the wrong lady. She backfired at the harasser as she ran after him, caught him and beaten him up badly.


A man also get into this matter and didn’t resist from beating the idiot. Ultimately, he had no option left but to start crying and then begging for forgiveness.

This savage lady from Karachi told the whole incident via her Facebook post and people couldn’t resist to appreciate her more and more.

Here’s her tale of heroism;

Superhero Urooj!

“Today, I beat the living daylights out of another human being.”

As she wanted a wallet.

“Had stepped out to get meds. On the way back through Tariq Road, I figured that I’d stop at a stall and get myself a wallet too because I didn’t have one and was tired of my monies being rolled up and tucked into random places. So we parked in front of the Bata outlet in ECS waali line, I asked Ahmed to stay in the car with Moonface, and stepped out to browse the stalls.”


And the moron harasser appeared

“Was happily browsing, when I felt someone neatly cup and then squeeze my butt. I turned around, and the fucker made a run for it.”

Woohoo! That’s how you backfire. Girls, please take notes.

“I put the wallet I was looking at back on the stall, and ran after him sciatica and all notwithstanding, caught him by the collar, put him in a chokehold, turned him around, and beat the shit out of him until he cried and begged for forgiveness, and then I beat the shit out of him some more.”



“Sprained my hand a little, broke a nail, chipped my pretty manicure, and came home and threw up because I hate inflicting physical harm on another living being, but #NoRegrets. Because fuck these fucking assholes, and enough is fucking enough.”

Just try taking stand for yourself and you need no one. People will naturally fall in line to appreciate you if you are right.

“I then walked back to the stall, and bought myself a pretty wallet. The stall owner gave me a discount without asking — he had quoted Rs 600, gave it to me for Rs 400. For the first time ever, the menfolk around didn’t make me out to be the crazy one; all of them said that I did the right thing, and more women should do the same, which made me cry ofcourse, because while I stand up for myself, I’m also a giant crybaby.”

More power tou you girl.

“Will tend to my broken nail now, and redo my manicure tomorrow.”


With all the badass attitude, she aptly made the harasser to learn a nice lesson for the rest of his life which consequently led him to beg for forgiveness as well.

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