“I’m going to shopping for my lehenga maa”, the 24 year old said before stepping out of the house which was filled with people all cheering and singing songs. After all it was the wedding of the first daughter of Khanna family. Who knew the gorgeous, bubbly, sweet hearted girl all excited and nervous for her wedding was about to fall a prey to sexual assualtion. While she was on the streets of Tariq road, trying radiant jewelry with her friends. A car stopped by them and two men pulled her in the car and went away. Her tensed friends informed the family and then reported police. But no one could save the pretty soul from the horrendous beast. On her wedding day, she was found dead near kachi abadi, covered with blood all over.
The family lost their only daughter, their family honor and all their happiness just because some self centered demons wanted to satisfy their needs. It wasn’t the first time the crime happened and went unnoticed, many innocent girls had lost their lives or if survived the criminal attack was forced to live behind the walls and were never allowed to come under limelight just to protect their ruined “family honor”.
Now a days sexual assualtion and rape are a daily routine for which women are always blamed. Is it a woman’s fault? Will a woman ever want to destroy her life just for some pleasure with a man she just does not even know ? The definition of rape doesn’t say so. Rape can be described as, “Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent.”
In a research conducted few months back, it was lamentably said that 68% of females in Pakistan face sexual assualtion. We have lost uncountable brilliant and artistic females because of harassment. Many capable girls aren’t allowed to come forward to shape their future because their parents are worried for their safety.
Haleema Rafique, a talented fast bowler committed suicide after being sexually assaulted.
The greedy men of our society take advantage of women’s helplessness and the fact that the people in our society mostly don’t help them and rather demotivate them to raise their voice. Many victims are hushed down because when they look down they see that no reports have been filled, none of the criminals were put behind the bars and none of the surviving souls had got justice.
Many of the girls planning their future can’t execute them because either their parents marry them off for their safety or if they even step out of their homes, there is no guarantee that they will return home safely, as our men don’t know how to respect a woman. And yet after all the awareness and all the voices that the youth gathers, there is never an action, never a drop of hope dropped amongst… in a country where we teach our woman to shut up and stay behind, how are we ever going to succeed ?!

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