Imran Khan is the most famous and attractive personality of Pakistan. He has strong experiences in cricket. He was the Skipper when Pakistan Team First won the world cup in 1992. Now he is the famous Politician Of Pakistan and Leading the “Tehreek e insaaf”. He was not in favour of bringing foreign players to Pakistan because he thought that if any sad incident happens again then cricketer will not come for more 10 years.

After the final match of PSL 17′ Here is what he said in Press Conference;


He called the foreign players ‘phateechar’ and every one of his supporters is in the state of shock.

here are the reactions of people on social media;

PTI supporters are very sad after watching the video. They think that Imran Khan should act like mature and not talk lose.

Darren Sammy and other gang honoured to be the part of Pakistan Super League and they deserve some respect instead of being called ‘phateechar’.

Some people from another party like PPPP are now calling Imran Khan Phateechar because they think that they have the same right to say whatever they want. If a leader can use foul language then why can’t they?

Social Media activists have got the new and hot topic where they can make fun of Imran Khan and nobody can even ask them to stop.

In the end, being Pakistani I would like to add that we should not use foul language. Opinions matter, not the argument.

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