A Strong Message To All Those Couldn’t Get Into Their Dream University


I know it seems really hard. I know you want to cry all day long. After all, it’s been your dream university. Or maybe your parents’ dream university. Or maybe you couldn’t get into your favorite department.

I’ve been through this. I really have. I gave my second year exams last year. Naturally, I applied last year as well. I applied to University of Punjab. I got in. The problem you ask? I couldn’t afford to attend university as I live near Raiwind road and the old campus is near anarkali. The department I want to go to isn’t in the new campus. I also applied to NCA but couldn’t get admission. Getting into NCA wasn’t my dream to be honest. So it didn’t hurt me in the slightest.

I was supposed to give NTS NAT test for spring session. Obviously the spring session starts the next year in March or April. The last date to apply was 5 November 2016. I sent in my required documents by 3 November 2016. But I forgot to update my information on the NTS website. Consequently, I got myself into the rejected list.

I blamed it all on my parents because since March I had been telling them about all sorts of entry tests. And all they told me was “ beta pehle fsc kerlo phir aye gi tou dekhi jayegi”. They thought that entry tests and admissions happened after the fsc results just like it used to happen in their times. But since they are my parents, how could I have argued back? I thought that it must be for the good.

But when I couldn’t give the NAT test and missed yet another chance of admission, I got very angry. Blamed it on my parents. Didn’t talk to them for hours (yes that’s my limit of anger) and then forgot all about it. There was an international scholarship website my phuppa had given me a link to. Thought, “why not check it out?”. Opened the link. Started searching for Canadian scholarships. In my heart I kept praying “ya Allah York University ka ajaye” again and again. The seventh link was of York University.

Two of my cousins and a friend of mine already studied there. I applied and with a lot of hustle, finally finished all the required things and documents by the deadline. It was February 15, 2017. On 30th march 2017, I got the email telling me that I had gotten admission. There was no one happier than my parents and I. I had given the deposit fee for residence. Even the letter to be sent to the Canadian embassy had arrived from the university.

But, then on 2 April 2017, I got the email that I was denied scholarship. The total amount I was supposed to pay per year was 50,000 dollars. Which amounted to 50 lac rupees obviously. I couldn’t afford to study in Pakistan, how was I able to study in Canada? Cried for 4 days straight without eating and drinking anything. Nearly died of dehydration. But then my mom told me that “jo hota hai bhallay ke liye hota hai. Zaroor Allah ne kuch behteri likhi hai” I was already fed up because of all the “beta admission ka kia bana” questions. To be honest I didn’t even want to live anymore.

If it hadn’t been for a few friends of mine to knock some sense into me, I would have been a goner. Now in July, I gave my NAT test. My result came and it was 87 percentile, which was pretty good since I had totally forgotten physics and chemistry. So I applied to another university this year. It’s a private university. Waiting for the merit list. So my advice to you guys is that don’t despair if you don’t get into your dream university.

  1. Allah ki azmaish hai
  2. Sabr se kaam lo

Zaroor kisi waja se admission nahi hua wahan

P.S. I still get the emails from the university that I need to take the flight of 26 august as my orientation day is 7 September. *sigh*

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