Things You Might Not Know About Lionel Andres Messi


Football is one of the best game in the World, it is the game which always produced legends, this game gave the World a perfect idea to live in peace and harmony. Sometimes the World stands up as one phase or sometimes it divides itself into two parts. This division mostly happens when the World talks about 2 best teams in the World, Real Madrid and Barcelona. If you talk about Two giant teams of football, it’s impossible to not talk about two greatest players of all time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Andres Messi. When one falls the other rises, this is what the rivalry is all about. Everyone of you has a different set of minds, one favors Ronaldo and other goes for Lionel Messi. However, every person who is well aware of football says that Lionel Messi is the best, this is what the truth is!

So lets do a chit chat on the awesome career of Messi.

Journey towards his ambition

Since Leo Messi was a child, he always dreamt of becoming one of the best footballers, this was his ambition which he followed till now. After school he always went to play football. However, he played football but a problem which almost stopped him for fulfilling his dream was a disease. He was diagnose with growth hormone disease when he was only 11 years old. The doctors said that his career is over. He was so depressed by this, but he never stopped, he worked hard and never stopped, but when the argentine stepped into the ground, everyone laughed at him and made fun of him, but he was never demotivated by this and still he played football. After couple of years his career took a turn and doctors said that he will be fine. This was the time when he started playing for a small Argentinean club. He played their until he got an offer from FC Barcelona Spain they also offered his treatment. He started playing into one of the best club this was the time when Messi showed his haters who actually he is.


Career at Barcelona ( Barca )

On 16th October 2004 when Leo Messi was 17 years old, he made his Barcelona debut against Espanyol, he came on as a sub in 82nd minute. This was the day when everyone started watching Messi with a good eye. However, Messi didn’t had a good start to his career in Barcelona, but after playing with the like of Ronaldinho and others. He was a shy boy but after playing games after games, he stepped in the race of becoming one of the best players. The most important match of his life came, the el Classico. He started his el Clasico debut with a spectacular Hat-trick, however the match was drawn with the scoreline 3:3, but Messi created history. From now Leo Messi started scoring golazos started assisting to his teammates, it was very easy for him to beat 4 or 5 defenders with his perfect dribbling. From that time he never stopped and kept on breaking records after records. He won his first Ballon D’or in 2010 at the age of 22, he also won the Fifa Best Player of the Year Award by record voting margins. He then went on to win 3 consecutive Ballon D’or. In 2014 , Ronaldo won the title but then  Messi won it again, he was ahead in Ballon D’or race against his arch rival Ronaldo. Till now he is the greatest of all time.


 Charitable efforts                                                 

Throughout his career,  Lionel Messi was involved in charitable efforts aimed at orphans mostly which are children. He loves to help children because he also suffered this poorness and he don’t want anyone else to suffer from this. This shows how kind hearted he his. Since 2004 he contributed his finances to the United Nations Children Funds ( UNICEF ), Messi also served as it’s ambassador. He also travelled to Haiti to bring public awareness in the country after they were hit by an Earthquake. Other than this Messi also founded his own charitable organization, the Leo Messi foundation, which supports health care, education and sports for children. It was established in 2007, Messi also paid to the hospital in Boston for ill children.



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