If You Can Relate To These 7 Things Then You Are In Love With Your Life Instead Of Some ‘Person’


To love your life and yourself is very hard in this world which is constantly trying to pull your leg and can’t see your progress.

While loving some person passionately and sacrificing everything for the love of your life is so common, very few people are capable of loving their own life.

From Romeo and Juliet to Shirin and Farhad to Laila and Mujnoo, we have listened lots and lots of love stories of two persons but never even once we have heard about the love story of a person with his own life.

However, in today’s time when everyone tries to criticize others, very few have courage to go against the norm and love her own life.

To all those persons, who love their own life instead of some person, we believe that you all can relate to some super amazing things which we mentioned below.

1. You give yourself more and more time

You know your worth and give yourself more and more time. You are your top priority and no one is important for you before you.

You give yourself more time in every thing; like from making a decision to going on a vacation, you try to give yourself as much time as you can.


2. Your career is your top priority

As you care more about yourself when you are in love with your life, you make your career your preference as it’s a way for making your life beautiful and better. You see a way to become independent because of a well-established career, so you make your career making the ultimate goal.


3. You love to be alone

Getting surrounded by fake people is what you don’t like at all. That’s why you perfer to spend more and more time alone. In fact you love to be alone as it’s so peaceful.


4. You give importance to your feelings and decisions

For you, your feelings are important and no one has the right to hurt them; that’s why you don’t give any power of hurting you to anyone.

Also, you give more value and importance to your decisions than that of anyone else because you know that it’s your life and you know how it can be made better.


5. You become more involved in making yourself a better person for your own progress

You want to make your life best of all as you love it so for that reason you try your best everyday to make your life a perfect one.


6. You are your own best friend

As the person who is in love with his life is more concerned about himself and spends most of the time alone in peace, he eventually becomes his own best friend and that’s really a beautiful thing.


7. You are your best advocate

You defend yourself infront of others in a way that no one can do that better than yourself. You are precisely your best advocate.


However, people who are in love with their life instead of another person are very few in this world and that’s why they are the most distinct and valuable souls.

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