Relationship – She Made Two Cups Of Coffee With Heart Shape On It | By Khurram Aniq


“I can’t go for a dinner now; I have much important office work to do.” Ali told her wife Maria when she asked to go for a dinner.
Ali came home after spending a hectic day at office and he’s still carrying some work along with him as homework. Ali works in a medicine firm. Hectic job has made him men who have no time to spend with his family.
“We haven’t spent some quality time with each other for a quit long time and me, myself is feeling a bit lonely, that’s why I am asking you to go for a dinner” Maria explained her thought in a very romantic way to get the attention of Ali.
Ali ignored it completely.

“Are you ignoring me?” She asked Ali in a very surprising tone. “Oh! No I am not. I just fell asleep.” Ali explained to her.
“No! Actually you know what? You are not interested in me anymore” Maria now started talking in angry mood.
“What rubbish! How can you say this?” Ali shouted back.
Hearing such words will obviously makes a man angry. Anger from both sides results in conflict among them.
“I just asked you to go for a dinner, I didn’t ask you to go and tear stars for me. But you didn’t even notice to what I am saying.” Maria kept her anger and continued to taunt his husband continuously.
She added more by saying, “You don’t make me happy. I always see you busy in different thing whenever I needed you the most.”
Such dialogues from his wife gave shock to Ali. Ali always thought that her wife is living a happy life with him. According to him, he always gives his 100% in his marriage. But the moment he came to know that her wife is not happy with him, this breaks his heart. Ali in his entire life faced bundle of difficulties at every step of life.
He preferred to remain silent on the angriness of Maria.
It’s a women nature that she can’t shut her mouth for a time. Shutting mouth for women is same as to stop the flow of water without closing the tap.
“Look! You are ignoring me again. I didn’t expect you to be this much rude to me.” Maria again opened up her mouth.
“Rude? Oh hello! Excuse me! Who is behaving rudely? Me? Or is it you? You didn’t even ask me the reason of not hanging out and having a dinner with you”. This time Ali broke his silence.
Ali shouted very loudly on which Maria tried to control him, “Lower your voice please! There is no need of exposing us to the people outside.”
They live in Anarkali Lahore on a rented flat.

“No let other people know too that how can a wife say all this to a husband” Ali taunted.
“Hah! So you want outsiders to interfere in our relationship?” Maria questioned.
“Dunno! I didn’t mean this.” Ali expounded.
“What do you mean then? Will you please elaborate that what are you actually trying to say? Maria became possessive.
“You are asking me as if you will understand me?” Ali taunted again.
Taunting women is no less then pushing yourself in fire, because after this you will have to face a fire of women which your taunt will burn inside her.
Ali now has invited fire to come and burn him totally.
Fire here means her wife, Maria. Yes she is playing the role of fire in Ali’s life for now.
“I am not saying anything, neither will I demand”. Maria left the room after saying this in a very annoying attitude.
“Now she won’t demand me anything? Like seriously?” Ali thought it for a while.
“Whatever! I need to take a nap to freshen myself.” He mumbled and in no time he is in dreams.
“So you are sleeping now? How silly of you. Not even trying to talk to me.” Maria appeared in his dream too.
Dreams are actually depends on the perception of a person itself that how he takes the thing and what are his thoughts about things.

“I am just relaxing myself; you know I just came back after a hectic day of office.” Ali explained.
All this is now happening in dream of Ali. He has perception about women of a black cat that will not stop the conflict on any demand.
“Relaxing? What about me? I also do household chores whole day. But nobody cares for me” Maria complained.
Maria in his dream broke a glass while having conversation. Ali woke up with a jerk.
“What now? It’s 2 AM.” Maria said.
“Don’t tell me. Is it 2 AM? How can I be so foolish? I had to do some work”. Ali said in a worrying tone.
“Is it really very important?” Maria asked him.
“Yes you don’t know who much important this is for me.” Ali continued in his worrying tone. She asked while watching him preparing him to work, “Will you be working the whole night?”
“Yes of course” Ali’s disturbed tone made Maria worried about him.
“A cup of coffee, Maria will you please bring me a cup of coffee. I want it badly.”
“Ok I will bring it for you” Maria said and went to kitchen to make a coffee.
Ali’s worried face made Maria to forget about their conflict.
That’s another quality of women that they forget everything whenever something disturbing happens to her husband and children.

Maria did the same.
She made two cups of coffee with a heart shape on it. Maria decided that she will also not sleep and will give company to Ali. When Ali sees that Maria is also not sleeping and she is waiting for Ali to finish his work, he felt that she wanted Ali to finish the work as soon as possible so that they can enjoy their coffee together.
Coffee, winter midnight and a perfect romantic couple always makes the atmosphere romantic.
Ali managed to complete his work as much early he can do and joined Maria at coffee.
“So, have you done with your work?” Maria asked.
Ali replied, “Ummm! Not completely. But for now I have much important work to do. I think I should do that first.”
“What’s that?”
“No I won’t tell you, you have to guess.”
“Ali I am not getting you, tell me what’s the important work you have at this time of a dark night?” Maria asked.
“I have my beautiful wife with me who wants my company. For now I have to give time to her.” Ali told her in a low soft voice.
“Huh! I remember we were angry with each other. Don’t try to overcome the situation by your sweet talks, I am still angry”. Maria said turning her mouth against the wall.
Women usually after becoming possessive are used to start the conflict again. But this time to solve it and finish it. Maria was also doing the same.

“But that was about yesterday, now here we are in the midnight of a very romantic night. Will we be wasting it by discussing the previous day?” Ali said making a childish face.
This melts Maria heart.
We will watch the new episode of “Game of thrones? It’s wow.”
“OK if you want to watch this then we both will enjoy it with another cup of coffee” Ali’s tone now becoming full of love.
“I am sorry” Maria said in a very low voice while making another cup of coffee.
“Sorry for what”
“Sorry for behaving so rudely with you.”
Maria told him that she was thinking about that all night and was feeling guilty of whatever she said.
“I like maturity; admitting where you went wrong, where we went wrong and working for it for a better outcome” Ali gently expresses his feelings.
“That’s how a perfect relationship works” Maria added while making a foggy heart on coffee.
Both of them again filled up with emotions of love and respect for each other. Cuddling and having a coffee and watching a TV series blew them to another universe.
“It’s over, it was awesome, Right?”
“Yes it was.”
It’s now 4 O clock and both are looking at each other as they haven’t seen them for a long time.
“Ok Stop. Stop watching me like this I am getting nervous” Maria claimed.
Maria now tried to overcome the situation and said, “Now I think we should sleep it’s 4 in the evening.”
“Yes sure. We should” Ali replied.
After conflict in the evening and spending a night full of love together, they are now ready to take some sleep. It’s normal between couples that they also fight a lot but small things also make them again fell in love in no time. Same happened with them.
Alarm rings. “Ali wake up it’s 7 in the morning.”
“I know it is.”
“Then wake up otherwise you will be late for the office and you know your boss, he doesn’t like people coming late.”
“Yes I know that he is such a stubborn kind of man.” Ali commented on his boss and both laughed on this occasion.
Now they both started doing their own works. Ali started to get ready for office and Maria got busy to make a delicious breakfast for him.
“French Toast? It’s awesome. You know having French toast in breakfast is like a love for me. You made it wow.” Ali complimented.
“Thank God you like it.”
“Of course I do. Come now we will have breakfast together.” Ali demanded her to join at dining table for breakfast.”
“Maria what’s your plans for today?” Ali asked while having breakfast.
“Nothing special, but why are you asking?” Maria replied.
“No we won’t be staying home tonight. I will leave office early today.”
“Then what will we do in the evening?” Maria asked in a surprising way.
Now Ali has made plans for the night. He decided that he will leave earlier today and he along with Maria will hang out and will also have dinner outside.

“Um! We will hang out; we will watch movie and also a dinner at your favorite restaurant.”
“And ice cream?” Maria asked in naughty way.
“Yes ice cream too. But now I think I should leave because I am getting late.”
“Sure you must go.”
Ali came back home earlier then his routine and then they were off to their plans.
In a relationship where you fight like a child, supports each other like best friends, love each other like your parents do with you. That’s when you become mature. Maturity always makes a happy relationship.

( Written by Khurram Aniq )

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