Response Of Muniba Mazari To Defamation Suit By Ex-Husband Can Make You Love Her Even More

Muniba Mazari

Yesterday, when a news about defamation suit by ex-husband of Muniba Mazari against her passed through my eyes, for few seconds, I was surprised, shocked and what not? Like did Muniba defame him ever? When?

People who know or follow Muniba for past many years, must at first, can detect that this defamation suit has got something wrong in it, something really negative.

I just with the headline detected the negative vibes it had given. I went through the news and ohmy! Trust me, there was everything wrong with it.

I follow Muniba Mazari from 2015, when she wasn’t that much famous in Pakistan. Many people didn’t know about her at that time who know now.

I loved Muniba so much as she inspired me alot that I searched and went through all her old videos, posts and interviews from the past.

And in not even a single thing, I found a single word about her ex-husband. She didn’t even talk about him. She didn’t discuss her marriage even. I was always curious that what happened to her marriage?

It was this Goalcast’s recent video which is still in my phone in which she first time discussed her marriage and divorce.

I felt happy that she finally talked about it as there was an inspirational story in her broken marriage as well.

But the point is did her that discussion from anywhere defame her ex-husband? No. That I left on you to judge by watching that video.

Talking about her unhappy marriage 

Muniba Mazari

Talking about her accident 

Muniba Mazari

If Muniba Mazari ever wanted to defame her ex-husband, she would have defamed him very earlier. For years, she didn’t even say that her ex-husband was driving the car at the time of accident but instead she used to say,driver slept while driving.”

Her ex-husband is a former pilot in Pakistan Air Force but oh, former, sorry but adding this information about her ex-husband in news from nowhere can make him hero.

It would have been better if Muniba had earlier opened up about reality of her ex-husband and talked about her marriage because he doesn’t deserve to be treated like Muniba treated him.

I know I am being harsh here but it breaks my heart every single time when I see her ex-husband suing her for nothing. Why men are like this? Why so insensitive? Can’t he just leave her alone now?

Talking about her divorce 

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari

“I am happy for you and I wish you all the best.”

Muniba Mazari

So much of defamation! 

Muniba Mazari

And defamation suit only makes sense if there is really some defamation done or if there is chance of lying and this will be decided in court but we have got minds here to think what’s right and what’s wrong.

Whatever, Muniba Mazari is strong enough to face things like these gracefully and this is what can make you love her all over again.

And this is the point here that if Muniba wanted to defame him ever she could have used her victory in child’s custody case against him but she didn’t.

Muniba Mazari’s response to all this controversy is just so graceful and full of class that you won’t resist to love her more and that’s what people are actually doing; loving and supporting her.

However, things will surely be clear sooner but it’s time that we should revise our definition of ‘defamation.’

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