Saba Qamar to protray Qandeel Baloch !


Most of you #SabaQamar fans would have already noticed and learned about her upcoming project, in which she would be representing the “Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Girl” based on Qandeel Baloch.

As we all clearly know of how and why she was brutally killed by her own brothers, to the ones who don’t let me just brief out.

She was an actress, who worked hard to earn for her family and before deciding to make videos on social media for money, she had tried out herself in all possible fields but remained humiliated and faced such destructions that made her come forward towards being bold.

Saba Qamar, surely a Pakistani Leading Star, will be portraying the story of Qandeel, from a view we all certainly need to see.

To her family she was probably a shameless girl, but reality exposed she was also the only one earning at home. They didn’t feel ashamed to take money from her when they decided to kill her, of course ?!

Showing the double standards and exposing the reality of this society we live in, Qandeel Baloch was a brave and sensible personality, who crashed down due to situations

When spoken to Saba herself, about her role and her opinions to the matter she stated

“she had the courage to expose how two faced people could be. There were many people that condemned her in the name of religion but tell me, doesn’t religion us to abide by many things? How can we choose to selectively follow what we find comfortable and attack anybody who tries t

o break free from the norms that we choose to set.”


And when asked about the threats she could face for playing this role she brilliantly replied

“let them follow. Everyone has to die someday. I would rather die after doing something worthwhile.”









Surely, we’re all proud of you Saba, all the best for this project and the upcoming millions. Break the stereotypes and lets start creating a change !!

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