Sania Mirza Tweeted In Support Of Her Husband & That Was Humorous.


Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza make the best couple ever. They are two leading players in the field of Cricket & Tennis respectively. Their marriage news surprised everyone & now there are living a happy life.



Shoaib Malik is inspiration for many young boys who want to be a cricketer & same is Sania for girl. She has already fun huge fame & trophies for India.



While their Chemistry is Awe-Inspiring.








The game started with a tweet in which Shoaib Malik was being compared to Shaheen Shah Afridi.


And Sania Decided To Own The Game Like A Boss. 



She literally gave the best reply & SUPPORTED HER HUSBAND. She is a fun wifey & Shoaib is lucky for that.

This was the reaction of people for both tweets.














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