Sarahah App- The New Trend That Has Taken Over.



Sarahah app- you must have heard about it. You are probably using it too. Have you not heard about it? Worry not, because I’ll give you an explanation about this app.

This is an app that was made so that people could receive anonymous feedback. And by feedback, I mean anything. It could be an actual feedback about how you can improve yourself or an aspect of your life. It could be a love confession from someone who can’t say it to your face (A real coward, really) or it could be a hate comment.

The app was created by Zain-al-Abideen Tawfiq, who’s from Saudi Arabia.

Whatever it is, Sarahah allows you to say that kind of stuff without being identified for who you are.

Now, why is this so famous? All because it allows you to vent without being recognized. You know how we all want The Invisibility Cloak from The Wizarding World (Harry Potter fans unite!)?

Well, the Sarahah app allows you exactly that.

Sarahah is an Arabic word which means “being honest/honesty”. As a reflection of the name, you can be totally honest to someone.

This all sounds so good and fun until the negative comments start coming in.

There are people with the heart of a lion and who wouldn’t care about the negative comments; they couldn’t care less about it.

BUT for the people who have anxiety issues or are depression patients, would probably take it to the very heart. Now many people would say that if that’s the case then they shouldn’t make an account on Sarahah to begin with.

But what these people don’t realize is that instead of encouraging people to actually change themselves, they are just making the lives of people with mental health issues even worse.


I also consider narcissism as a mental health problem. And anyone who is infected with this disease will only get worse if they kept getting “Amazing feedback” on Sarahah app.

People everywhere are posting screenshots of what they have gotten as feedback. Which has become yet another problem for those who are infected with “Jealousy” and those who feel their lives will go nowhere if they don’t get any feedback like that.



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