What I Say Vs What I Actually Mean

Actually mean

In a world of diplomacy, where one has to be careful about choosing the right words to utter is so common, there are many phrases which people use in order to go through safe route and don’t say things what they actually mean, because er, straightforwardness can put you in trouble at times.

However, here are few phrases which we think everybody says in their lives but oh, that’s not what they actually mean.


What I say: “Aur sunao?”

What I actually mean: “I have nothing else to say.”

Actually mean

This is like just so common and when we find it awkward to end the conversation, we come up with “aur sunao” type things.


What I say: “I will try.”

What I actually mean: “I am not going to do it.”

Actually mean

It’s another common thing and people hardly say ‘no’ but it’s better to say ‘no’ than giving others jhootay aasrein.


What I say: “Bas sahi hai.”

What I actually mean: “It’s total crap.”

Actually mean

Let’s admit that we can’t easily criticize people around us and end up calling ‘crap’ as ‘theek.’


What I say: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

What I actually mean: “Basically, I want you to ask me on repeat and when you are done asking hundreds of times, then I will speak my heart out. Simply, I want mintein.”

Actually mean

This is something best friends forever practice alot. They love that the other one keeps on asking them again and again and that’s why they deny to talk at first.


What I say: “Mom won’t allow me.”

What I actually mean: “I am not in mood to come.”

Actually mean

It is an easy way to avoid any meetups if you don’t want to go and this excuse works always.


What I say: “Chalo choro.”

What I actually mean: “Ab kaun behas kare is se.”

Actually mean

Well, this is a quick way to get rid of the arguments because some people never get or respect your point of view. So, it’s better to avoid arguing with them.


What I say: “I am good.”

What I actually mean: “You aren’t the one I should tell that I am totally not good.”

Actually mean

This is spot on, as many of us never express our true emotions to not-so-closed people.


What I say: “K!”

What I actually mean: “I wanted to annoy you.”

Actually mean

This “K!” is surely annyoing to many people and many of us use it to just piss others.


What I say: “Haha!”

What I actually mean: “Bilcul hasi nahi ayi.”

Actually mean

Because, I don’t wanna disappoint you so I reacted with “Haha!” Thank me!


What I say: “Loll!”

What I actually mean: “Your joke was too lame.”

Actually mean

“LOLL!” is just a sarcastic reply to your totally lame joke. Please, try to understand the hidden meaning in it.

However, it might be possible that our actual meanings would be different from yours but let’s just confess that sometimes we really become diplomatic.

And there is nothing wrong with it either as too blunt can be too harsh at times; so, let’s just keep on saying, “chalo choro!” instead of “you are an idiot and I don’t wanna argue with a moron like you.” and so on.

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