Searching For Inspiration.


As a writer sometimes it gets really difficult to find the inspiration to write.

While some days you are hit with this huge train of words, Some days you are a blank canvas.

Morning is my time when i sit down with my laptop to write something, anything at all.

Why morning? Because nothing beats early morning’s thandi taza hawa. 

And also because morning is my peace and me time.

The time where i am easily allowed to let my heart and mind run free.

When i am not bounded by much and problems of the day haven’t yet caught up to me.

But even then there are some days when my fingers won’t just move.

When i don’t have any words to pour down on the paper.

And for a writer that is one of the most frustrating thing.

As what is the purpose of a writer if he can’t write?

And that’s why people like me, writers, need inspiration.

But finding inspiration is never easy.

Somedays you feel so detached that you just go Meh over everything.

Nothing seems to catch your eyes, capture your heart and stay in your mind.

No words come to you and you just keep staring aimlessly waiting to be hit by that something that will blow you away.

But that just isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Being hit by an inspiration can take days, weeks and even months on end.

Ever heard of a writer’s block? That’s exactly what this is.

To the all the budding writers out there;

Whenever you face this problem there is no need to panic.

Calm down. Take a Chill Pill. Relax.

Go out for a walk. Hang Out with friends.

Read something new.

You’ll get out of your writer’s block and will eventually be hit by some inspiration.

But if you have a deadline to meet then my friend it doesn’t matter that you have a writer’s block as the pressure and stress will make you write anyhow.

And well today is one of those days where i have no inspiration but yes somehow still have words to express this predicament.

So Yaaayyyy me.

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