Pakistan has won Champions Trophy and the ICT is over with the Champions Trophy in Pakistan. But the trolling on twitter is not over  JUST YET!

During the final match when Virat Kohli was standing near the boundary and Pakistani batsmen were hitting the target to 338, a Pakistani man started chanting which you must have heard and has gone viral:


This is the exact spot when the hilarious-soon-to-become-the-favorite-slogan of every Pakistani was delivered. It even made Virat Kohli move a bit and change his position by moving a bit forward. Who knows this line might have played a huge role in Pakistan’s win by making Virat Kohli believe k nahi hoga isse chase!

Since Pakistan has won the trophy,this line has become the butt of memes and favorite slogan of every Pakistani. These twitter memes will leave you in guffaw.

Let’s have a look:

Girls even dragged boys’ favorite line : Akhir kyn lagati ho itni base??

The answers boys….is right HERE:

The joke about how we really cover the syllabus and meet our goals of study are turned into a meme with

Kohliiii tujhse nahi hota chasee!!

Who tho’t we wouldn’t drag Anusha Sharma into this?

Look down below:



Girls who are irritated of tailor jee making her wait,there’s also a meme for them:

Kohli must be feeling the burn of Mirchi Taiz because nahi hota Kohli se chasee!!


This one is definitely gonna leave you nostalgic. Who we owe it to???


Now say #thankyouviratkohli

You wanna gift Eid Card and are clueless about what should be the proper shair which doesn’t even look childish. Here, the perfect shair for you to write on Eid Card. This came just on the right moment to save us all!!!

WE girls have a perfect answer to Karle thora sa kam weight..why should we when KOHLI SE NAHI HOTA CHASE!!

This one is sure gonna make you bend over your stomach, just look at his mujh-se-nahi-hua-chase face!

Here are a few more:

Who are we to forget Sehwag when we are on a roll to troll,hmm? So, here one in his honor too.

So we heard Sarfaraz was gifted a BMW, this meme right here just confirmed it.

Here’s one on the behalf of Mahira, we just don’t forget and NEVER forgive…Hilarious!


After all these memes, even Virat Kohli put his hands down and admitted:

Now, I think they should give Pakistanis the award of being the Most Hilarious twitter nation and our men are already the 3rd sexiest in the World. These memes just added another award for us.

Pakistanis have the talent to turn ANYTHING into a meme that is guaranteed to give a good laugh and lift up your mood. If you are ever sad,just turn to twitter or read this post again!

And to Indians,it’s all in good humor,just have a good laugh.


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